How to Move a Timeline by 10 Working Days

Imagine you have a Timeline column and you want to push it by 10 Working days.


1: {Timeline}=ADDWORKINGDAYS({Timeline},10))


The ADDWORKINGDAYS function works with columns containing a date, as well as with Week and Timeline columns.

As you can see, we directly use the ADDWORKINGDAYS function without even checking if the Timeline column contains a value. This is indeed not necessary because date functions do not return errors if no date is supplied, they simply return an empty result.

Which days are considered Working Days?

Any day that is not defined as a day off in your work week (by default, days off are Saturdays and Sundays) and not part of your company holidays. Your work week and company holidays can be set in the Days Off page (available only to Admin users). Please see the Days Off page for more on this.