Testing Formulas

The Advanced Formula Booster provides two ways to safely test your formulas.

  • Directly from the Formula Editor page
  • From the Bulk Update page

Simulating while creating/editing your formula

In the Formula Editor page, click the Show Test Panel button to make the Test Panel appear.

Within this panel, you will get a dropdown of actual board items. Select one and press Simulate

The test pane will display the results, line by line. No data is sent to monday.com.

This is a simulation, but you should always run a real test before putting into production.

Doing a real test with board update

At the button of the test panel, press the Run button to test in real conditions. The data will be sent to your monday board. It is strictly equivalent to setting up an automation in monday and running the formula. Only easier to run.

This test may allow you to catch issues that you wouldn't catch with a simulation (for instance, if the data is badly formatted for a target column, it may not be caught by a simulation, but it will be caught by the real test).