Troubleshooting Formulas

When designing the Advanced Formula Booster, we paid special attention to incorporating troubleshooting features.

If you have written formulas in, you sure have likely been faced with the infamous red mark icon.

You may then have hovered over the error, hoping to find useful information, only to be greeted by the unhelpful Illegal formula tooltip.

Troubleshooting made easy in the Advanced Formula Booster

Having experienced this ourselves, we made it a priority to offer helpful insights when troubleshooting formulas in the Advanced Formula Booster.

Can you spot what is wrong with this formula?

The Color-coded Syntax displays a bug on line 1. Hover over the bug and you will get a useful message.

Indeed we are missing the close parenthesis of the AGE function at the end of the line.

The Advanced Formula Booster tracks many errors. Here is another classic one: referencing a variable before defining it.