How to Test if a Column Contains a Value - How to clear Column Values

Many times in formulas, we need to test if a column contains a value, especially when performing calculations that could fail if applied to an empty column.

How to test if a column contains a value

To test if a column contains a value, use the ISEMPTY() and NOTEMPTY() functions. They both return True or False depending on whether the column is empty. They are best used in combination with the IF() function.

1:{Text}=IF(ISEMPTY({Column}),"Column is empty")

2:{Text}=IF(NOTEMPTY({Column}),"Column is NOT empty")

This is equivalent to the following code:

1:{Text}=IF({Column}="","Column is empty")

2:{Text}=IF({Column}<>"","Column is NOT empty")

How to clear column values

To clear any column value, use the CLEAR() function.


or alternatively:


Throughout this documentation, we prefer using the ISEMPTY(), NOTEMPTY() and CLEAR() functions over their ="" and <>"" counterparts. We believe they provide improved readibility.