How to Add Weeks to a Week Column

Suppose we have 2 Week columns and we want the second Week column's value to be 4 weeks after the first Week column.

Solution 1

1: {Week2}=IF(ISEMPTY({Week1}),CLEAR())

2: {Week2}=IF(NOTEMPTY({Week1}),ADDDAYS({Week1},28))


For this, we use the simplest version of the IF function, i.e. the one that takes 2 parameters, a condition and the result we want if the condition is met. If the condition is not met, there is no outcome.


In Line 1, we look for the value of Week1. If it is empty, we clear the Week2 column. Our condition is "Week1 is empty" which translates into:


To clear a column, we use the CLEAR function (more on this at ).

Hence our first line of code:

1: {Week2}=IF(ISEMPTY({Week1}),CLEAR())

In Line 2, we take care of the opposite case: if Week1 is NOT empty. Our condition is now:


In this case, our desired outcome is to add 4 weeks or 28 days to Week1.

To accomplish this, we use the ADDDAYS function, which accepts two parameters: the number of days we wish to add and the date/week/timeline value to which we want to add days.


That's how we came up with line 2:

2: {Week2}=IF(NOTEMPTY({Week1}),ADDDAYS(28,{Week1})

Solution 2 - Most concise syntax

One of the great features of the Advanced Formula Booster is that it allows you to create multi-line formulas and we always try to take advantage of it to write simpler formulas. But if you want a more concise syntax, use the 3rd parameter of the IF function. Please refer to if you are not familiar with it.

1: {Week2}=IF(ISEMPTY({Week1}),CLEAR(),ADDDAYS(28,{Week1}))