How to Autonumber your Board Items

Suppose you want to include a unique auto-incremented number in a text column named RequestNumber, so that the items of your board can be referenced by this number.


The solution is to use the AUTONUMBER function. You first need to create an Autonumber in the Autonumbers page of the App Center.

Here is the autonumber we created. We decided to start at 100, with 3 leading zeros: 000100, 000101, ..., 000999, 001000, etc.

If we only want the next number copied into the RequestNumber column, we simply use this formula:

1:{RequestNumber}=AUTONUMBER("Request Number")

In some cases, we may want to add a prefix like RQ-. In this case, we make use of the CONCATENATE function. As always, for clarity purposes, we suggest splitting the formula in multiple lines. Like this:

1:[NextNumber]=AUTONUMBER("Request Number")


When testing the formula in the Syntax Editor, the formula engine will use the next number available, but it will not modify it permanently. In other words, if you test the above formula, it will output: RQ-000100. If you test it again, it will give you the same output. Obviously if you run the formula in for the 1st time, it will output: RQ-000100. Then the 2nd time: RQ-000101 and so on.