Duplicating a Group

To duplicate a group, use the DUPLICATEGROUP function.

Duplicating a group

The first parameter of the DUPLICATEGROUP function needs to be the group identifier, i.e., the result of the GETGROUP function.

1: [GroupId]=GETGROUP("Group1")

2: [NewGroup]=DUPLICATEGROUP([GroupId])



If you want to duplicate a group in another board, set this other board as Board2 or Board3, then indicate the board alias in the GETGROUP function.

1: [GroupID]=GETGROUP("Group1","Board2")

2: [NewGroup]=DUPLICATEGROUP([GroupId])

By default, the new group will be appended with 'Duplicate of'. If you want to give it another name, specify the desired name as 2nd parameter.

1: [GroupID]=GETGROUP("Group1","Board2")

2: [NewGroup]=DUPLICATEGROUP([GroupId],"New name")