Using the Library to Create Re-Usable Content

The Library page is designed to help you create reusable content that you can easily incorporate into your formulas using the GETCONTENT function.

Creating content in the Library page

The Library page offers a simple editor to create formatted text, you can later use as template to send emails and notifications.

This text can be retrieved in your formulas using the GETCONTENT function.

1: [Content]=GETCONTENT("New Task Notification")

Creating dynamic content

To create dynamic content, use placeholders like {{1}},{{2}}, etc.

Then, pass the replacement text as parameters to the GETCONTENT function.

1: [Content]=GETCONTENT("Reminder Notification", "Task 123")

The {{Recipient}} placeholder is unique to notifications. This placeholder will NOT be replaced by the GETCONTENT function, rather by the NOTIFY function upon sending the notification. This is useful when sending the same notification to multiple users. Only the name of the recipient will be displayed.