Creating an Item, then Populating its Columns

Creating an item in the current board

To create an item, use the CREATEITEM function. You simply need to indicate the group you want to add it to. It will be added at the end of the list of existing items if any.


2:[Pos]=CREATEITEM("New Task",[Group])-> Creates "New Task" in the "To-dos" group


1:[Pos]=CREATEITEM("New Task",GETGROUP("To-dos"))

The above instruction creates the item in the current board, i.e., the board that triggers the formula.

The group must already exist, otherwise CREATEITEM will throw an error. Use the CREATEGROUP function prior to using CREATEITEM if you want to use a new group (CREATEGROUP will not create a duplicate group if a group with the same name exists).

Creating an item in another board

To create an item in another board, select this other board as Board2 or Board3 (see Interacting with related items (ie. other items than the one that triggers the formula) for more on this.

1:[Pos]=CREATEITEM("Write marketing Plan",GETGROUP("Marketing"), "Board2")

The above formula creates an item named "Write marketing Plan" in the "Marketing" group of Board2.

Populating the newly created item's columns with values

The CREATEITEM function returns the position of the newly created item in its board. As we saw in the Position Indicator article, this value can be used to fill in the column values.

Here we create the item, then set its Status to 'Working on it'. You may repeat with all columns of the new item

1:[Pos]=CREATEITEM("New Task",GETGROUP("To-dos")) => Returns 8, if 7 items in the board

2:{BoardItems.Status#[Pos]}="Working on it" => Sets the status of the new item


When assigning values to the newly created item, make sure to specify the right board! In the following case, we created the item in Board2, so we need to use the Board2Items prefix when targeting its columns.

1:[Pos]=CREATEITEM("Write marketing Plan",GETGROUP("Marketing"), "Board2")

2:{_Board2Items_.Status#[Pos]}="Working on it"